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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks

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So you think you know it all about resume writing. You’re in for a big surprise.

From entry-level college graduates to C-level executives, there are so many people that make the same mistakes on their resumes.

Here’s a list of the top 7 reasons why your resume sucks.

#7 – Misspellings.

You still don’t get it. Spelling counts and it counts big time. Your resume is what’s keeping you from meeting that hiring manager. Use spell check for crying out loud. While you’re at it, have a friend check your resume too.

#6 – You’re Still Using Pre-packaged Microsoft Resume Template.

Mark our words, “DO NOT USE RESUME TEMPLATES FROM MICROSOFT.COM”. Millions of people download the same templates. Millions.

Imagine that you’re the hiring manager and you see a resume template that looks like 99% of the other ones you’ve seen.

If you use’s resume templates, odds are, it will be held against you.

#5 – Your Resume’s too long.

Unless you’re an executive, there should be no reason why your resume needs more than two pages. No exceptions.

#4 – You Include Your Graduation Date.

We’re a firm believer that you should not put down your graduation date on your resume. By putting down the date, the employer can take a pretty good guess at how old you are.

Many companies claim to be an EEO (Equal Opportunity Employer), but that’s a load of crap. We’ve heard with our own ears that person “X” is too young or too old for a position. Ageism is real folks. Deal with it and remove your graduation date from your resume.

#3 – Your Resume is Messy.

Bullets are your friends. Use them right and use them sparingly.

If your resume reads like a history book (aka boring), it’s going to be tossed into the trash. Highlight your accomplishments only. Hiring managers don’t care if you sharpened pencils or stapled papers together.

#2 – “References available upon request”.

Take that out of your resume. Your references better be made available when the employer asks for them. They know that you will provide references to them when they ask for it. Quite honestly, they expect it. Don’t tell them something that they already know.

#1 – Missing Resume Keywords.

If it has been a while since you received a call for an interview, it’s probably because you’re using the same resume to submit to various job postings.

You MUST use a different resume for every job that you apply to online. This is important — If you shotgun the same resume over and over again, you will be missing the critical keywords that companies are looking for. No keywords = no call from the company.

Finding those keywords can be tough, but helps make life easier for you by identifying those resume keywords for you (something that NO COMPANY has ever done).

So what now?

A whopping 97% of you will do nothing after reading this article. Absolutely nothing. The remaining 3% of you will take action and fix your resume with a little bit of work and the help of resume and career tools.

If you invest your time into your resume, companies will begin to notice you.

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