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Common Interview Questions

We all know that interviews can be stressful.  You’re walking into an environment that you’re unfamiliar with, meeting people that you have never met before and answering some tough questions about your experience.

The beauty of most interviews is that most companies tend to ask the same type of questions.  Here’s a list of common interview questions that you can review and prepare your answers for, PRIOR to the interview.

  • Tell me about yourself.  This is usually one of the first things that the interviewer asks of you.  Make it short and memorable (typically no more than 2 minutes).  We recommend that you focus on one accomplishment for each of your past three jobs.  Anything beyond that may be too much information.  If you’re a new or recent college graduate, focus on your accomplishments while you were attending school.  It can even be project related.
  • What is your greatest strength? Here is an opportunity to talk about what you do best.  Take some time to do some research about what the new employer would find most interesting about you.  The best place to start your research would be the job description.
  • What is your greatest weakness? When you get the greatest strength question in an interview, it is usually followed up with a weakness question.  Play this one up!  Pause for just a moment, maybe even mention “Hmm…that’s a great question.  Let me see…I would have to say that my greatest weakness is…”  This is the one that you don’t want to sound like you’re answer was too rehearsed, even though it is.  Turn your weakness into a positive or some sort of learning experience.
  • Why did you leave your last job? This question can be tricky.  We recommend that you avoid saying anything negative about your previous company.  We know that sucks since there’s probably a handful of reasons why you left the company.  The fact of the matter is, the interviewer doesn’t want to hear, “They didn’t pay me enough,” or, “I didn’t get along with my manager.”
  • Why should we hire you? Focus on your positives, and remind the interviewer how your background fits closely with the position the employer is looking to fill.

Remember, the most important thing that you can do to prepare for the interview is to have the answers ready for each of the common interview questions listed above.  Just be sure that you don’t sound like you’re too rehearsed. :)

Good luck with the interview!

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