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About Us

You’re not alone.

After delivering our free résumé and interview workshops, we make it a point to talk to as many people as we can. Two of the most common comments that we receive were that:

1) they felt alone; and
2) they were having a difficult time finding a job.

It wasn’t until they first stepped into our workshop that they found out that were NOT alone and that good people were out there to help.

Helping people is the premise of

What started out five years ago as one person helping his friends, and friends of friends, with their résumés, quickly evolved into an idea, which eventually led to the launch of in Q1 2010.

The tool that we have developed cracks the code that recruiters and job sites use to locate and hire candidates. From the industry’s first advanced keyword suggestion technology to our free 21-day résumé challenge, we provide all job seekers with the opportunity to achieve their goals (of course, with a little hard work).

Sky’s the limit.

It’s been a long time coming, but we are sure that you will not find a company like ours that exposes all of the tips and tricks of recruiters and job sites. We’re probably going to piss some people and companies off as we continue to grow, but hey, we’re on your side.

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